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What We Provide

City Workers Sewerage


Pumping your septic tank when your tank is full, approximately every 5 years (will vary with usage), will prevent a sewage backup into your home or commercial place of business. Best practice calls for the correct equipment to be on site, which in most cases, is a pump truck. Lee's Septic can service your home or commercial business in the North or South Atlanta areas.

Installation Power Buggy Rental


Whether you're building a new home or adding on to an existing system, Lee's Septic has the right equipment and expertise for every job. We carry the longest-lasting systems from leading manufacturers and-most important-we know how to install them properly. You can also trust us to help you pick the right system to meet your specific needs.

Septic Tanks System Installing


You can rely on us whenever you need a repair, and whenever you’re scheduled to have maintenance. We repair and maintain all leading systems. If you know that your septic system is experiencing problems, please do not ignore it. Ignoring these smaller septic problems will eventually lead to a much more expensive problem, such as the full replacement of your septic tank and system.  It is important that you keep your septic tank and pipes in top working condition, by fixing the problem and having the proper preventative maintenance performed, so that it can stay in top working condition.

Surveyors Equipment


Replacing a septic system can be an option whether it is due to failure or needing to move the system (Pool, adding a new dwelling, etc.). We’ll drain and remove the existing septic tank, then carefully install a new tank and line. We have a host of options at our disposal, and we’ll make sure to help you select a tank that works for your property and your budget. With over 20 years of experience and an excellent selection of resources, we can promptly complete all replacement projects.



​Specific systems installed, maintained and serviced are as follows:

  • Drip System

  • Elgin System​

  • Peat Moss System

  • Mound System

  • Conventional System

  • Chamber System

  • Cluster/Community System

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